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The PAQUAclear features a clear surface, ideal for using mobile, GPS, i-Pod, UHF and other electronic items whilst in/around water.
Based on the popular PAQUAoriginal design, you get additional functionality with the clear face, without compromising water-proofness and ruggedness.

See-thru and voice permeable material allows you to text/talk while bobbing at the surface.

Surf lifesaving approved, idea for anyone who uses radio's near, in water or just in the outdoors. It floats, and comes complete with its own harness that can be used on the chest or the waist. Waterproof to 2 m, you can swim and use your radio at the same time!

Dimensions: W: 290mm x H: 120mm

See www.paqua.com.au for more information


RRP: $69.95

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The PAQUAmidi is designed for smaller phones, PDAs and GPS etc..

Featuring the latest construction techniques and materials, the PAQUAmidi has a built-in arm / leg strap made from comfortable neoprene and velcro. As with our other clear membrane products, you can speak through the material whilst fully enclosed, or use your PDA or GPS functions.

The usual PAQUA submersibility features apply.

With its additonal reflective safety strap the PAQUAmidi can be seen from a distance at night; it's compact and small, but big on ability!

Dimensions: W: 80mm x H: 125mm

See www.paqua.com.au for more information


RRP: $34.95

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Take your mobile, i-Pod, Blackberry etc wherever you go.
You can talk and text through the clear surface, so no excuse for not answering your phone in the surf!

The PAQUAmobile will hold most mobile phones, including flip phones, currently on the market.

* Additional reflective safety strips
* Re-engineered welding and construction techniques
* Thicker and even more durable clear surface membrane
* NEW - Re-designed removable insert with re-inforced edges
* Extended arm/leg strap
* Designed to house the latest mini-UHF/VHF radios also
* Increased accessibility thru the opening.

Dimensions: W: 80mm x H: 170mm

See www.paqua.com.au for more information


RRP: $39.95

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...the answer to your prayers!

No more leaving your key on your tyre, or tied to you boardies when you go for a surf.

Designed to house most current car keys, with in-built chips, or electronic remotes.

Submersible to 2m - either use the supplied leg-rope attachment, or wear on your arm or leg...OR take the strap off, and put it straight in your pocket - water-tight, your keys are safe inside the awesome PAQUAkey.

Dimensions: W: 65mm x H: 100mm

See www.paqua.com.au for more information


RRP: $29.95

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An all-purpose water-proof bum / hip / shoulder bag.

* external easy-access pockets x 2
* internal mobile phone / cash / card pouch
* fully adjustable neoprene waist / shoulder straps
* tear-resistant TPU external skin / fully seam sealed
* ultra-tough clips
* fully waterproof and submersible
* legendary tri-fold water-tight closure
* floatable.

Dimensions: W: 290mm x H: 120mm

See www.paqua.com.au for more information


RRP: $69.95

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Throw your keys and car-remote in the PAQUApouch, strap it on and go.
Designed to be worn around the arm / leg / waist, and…to put car-thieves out of business at the beach!!
Keep your keys, cash and cards on you while catching a wave.


* fully adjustable – arm / leg / waist straps
* unique tri-fold closure system
* no additional clips
* ultra-comfortable with neoprene/mesh backing
* super-tough velcro closure

Dimensions: W: 120mm x H: 110mm

See www.paqua.com.au for more information


RRP: $29.95

         *Prices Include GST     
         Postage & Handling: $9.95/item**                    MULTIPLE PRODUCTS / INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING WILL HAVE ADJUSTED SHIPPING COST**      


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Our Store Uses Paypal


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